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This is not just a movement, This is a lifestyle. And this movement represents a voice that was once ignored but, will now be heard all over the world.

‪#‎GeekStreetSociety‬ (KGSS) is an internet based, nationally accredited digital broadcasting radio station based in Aurora, CO that is growing at a rapid rate that streams 24/7 and is also a contributing partner to Denver Comic-Con. Our topics are Anime/Manga, Comics/Cartoons, Sci-Fi, Wrestling, Video Games, Technology, MMO's, Tabletop Games, Cars, and MMJ .
We only play underground music from all over the country.
Our station is currently getting around 3 to 5,000 plays per day within the 18-35 age demographic and our presence is growing stronger in over 83 different countries.
We currently stream from Twitch, TuneIn and Spreaker everyday and are under evaluation for iHeart Radio.

We offer:

-Product Retail

-Radio and Video Advertising

-Business/Marketing Consultation

-Graphic Design

-Social Media Advertising

-Professional Photography and Videography

-Event Planning

-Retail Storefront Advertising

-Web Design

-Live Performances

-Music Production

-Remote Broadcasting

-Computer Repair

-Promotional Services and Advertising

We host monthly/weekly meet and greets, movie nights and video game tournaments as well in our building.
We also hold remote broadcasts at events such as Denver Comic Con, Blizz Con in Anaheim, CA, live performances, and midnight releases for popular video game titles at GameStop, new release video game walk throughs and have been able to interview celebrities like Charamie Leigh and William Shatner, former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, and Youtube star MK Loves.
We would love to advertise for your company and strongly believe that we would bring positive results to your business quickly. I would love to set up a time to speak with you to network and answer any questions you may have. Thank you for your time.


Pressley Farrell

Owner and founder of #GeekStreetSociety

1.855.303.4335 (GEEK)





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